Ocean Raw Beef & Oily Fish 80:10:10 1kg

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Ocean Raw
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Ocean Raw
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Beef and Oily Fish 80-10-10

Beef is a lean meat with an abundance of essential amino acids whilst our offal is full of nutrients and a source of healthy fats. This Combined, with Oily fish that is full of Omega 3 oils, creates a combination that is perfect for a happy and healthy dog.

Hand Made Complete 80-10-10

Our BARF perfectly handmade 80-10-10 minces are for dog owners who like to add their own vegetables and fruits to meet each working dogs individual needs. After feeding your dog Ocean Raw it won’t be long before the difference is clear of the advantages of becoming an Ocean Raw dog.

Environmentally Friendly feeding

Simply defrost and serve! Watch your dog enjoy their meal knowing they truly are getting the best of human grade food in the perfect recipe to help your dog thrive. After feeding all of our packaging is fully recyclable so nothing is wasted.

Nutritional Analysis per 100g


Storage Guide

  • Keep raw dog food frozen until you are ready to use
  • Best Before date is on the back of the pack
  • To Defrost we suggest leaving in the fridge overnight and not somewhere warm
  • Use within 2-3 days of defrosting
  • Do not refreeze
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