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Sirloin/Rump Chunks 1kg
Furry Feasts.  Bag of Rump/Sirloin chunks, cut into individual cubes for easy serving. Protein 16.6 Fat 8.8 Moisture 72 Fibre 0 Ash 0.4
Sprats 1kg
Nutriment's whole sprats are frozen fresh to retain their nutritional profile. Responsibly sourced, sprats are small, oily fish which are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which promote optimal canine and feline health. Whole frozen sprats are a great choice for...
Chicken Hearts 200g
Suitable for all breeds, ages and sizes of cats and dogs, Nutriment chicken hearts are rich in a variety of nutrients including folate, pantothenic acid, phosphorous, copper, riboflavin, vitamin B12, iron, taurine and zinc. These are all essential nutrients which...
Turkey Hearts 500g
Nutriment's raw turkey hearts come from human-grade quality turkey and are packed full of essential nutrition for healthy cats and dogs. Naturally low in fat and containing quality protein and other nutrients, turkey hearts are a great choice for providing...
Lamb Paddywack 1kg
Lean low fat Lamb tendons, the perfect alternative to nasty rawhide.
Boneless Salmon Mince 1kg
Wild Scottish salmon put through a course plate. This is a boneless mince
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Haddock Chunks 1kg
Lovely haddock chunks cut in handy 2inch size cubes Weight is approx 1kg ( 10 chunks per bag)  This product contains bone Protein 24.5 Moisture 67 Ash 0.4 Fat 8.1 Fibre 0
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Lamb Chunks - Mutton 1kg
Boneless lamb chunks, these are naturally a fatty cut of meat so feed in moderation and are not suitable if your dog requires a low fat diet. 1kg packs. Ideal for DIY raw feeders or to dilute higher bone content...
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Dougies Whole Herring 1kg
100% Whole Herring - 1kg Bags. Great to get those Omegas into your dog's diet which aids bone/joint/skin health & maintenance.  
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Lamb Testicles x2
2 x lamb testicles, these are boneless and are great fed as a healthy frozen treat on a hot day or defrosted as part of daily meal allowance.
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Nutriwolds Yorkshire Rainbow Trout 1kg
100% Yorkshire Caught Rainbow Trout. Whole Trout in 1kg Packs.
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Lamb Hearts x5
Vacuum Pack Of 5 Lamb Hearts, Total Approx 800g-1kg. All Born And Raised In North Yorkshire Near Naturaw Hq. A Natural Tooth Cleaner For Smaller Pets When Fed Whole/Chopped In Large Chunks Or Simply A Tasty Treat For The Bigger Ones, Great Addition...
Beef Tripe Chunks 1kg
100% Beef Tripe Chunks - Boneless 1kg Packs
Dougies Salmon Heads x3
Whole Salmon Heads in 1kg Bags.  3 Salmon Heads Per Bag.
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Turkey Chunks 1kg
Turkey inner fillet chunks , very lean and great for weight management. frozen and chopped into cubes. 1kg Bags.
Lamb Tripe Chunks 1kg
100% Lamb Tripe Chunks - Boneless 1kg Packs
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Chicken Chunks 1kg
Chunks of chicken, May contain the odd soft bone from the manufacturing process. 1kg Bags.
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