Dorwest Valerian Compound 30ml
Frightened, anxious, hyperactive and stressed animals can be calmed quickly using this easy to give liquid. Dropped into the mouth, given on food or even just a few drops sprinkled on a pet’s bedding can result in a more amenable...
Dorwest Tree Barks Powder 200g
Help keep your pet’s tummy naturally comfortable and stools normal with this blend of complementary digestive herbs Three herbs renowned for their digestive health properties work together to provide effective digestive support, for comfortable tummies and normal stools. Slippery elm...
Dorwest Keepers Mix Sensitive 250g
Super-boost your sensitive pet’s diet with this unique blend of seven herbs to support all-round health An even gentler and milder flavoured version of Dorwest's best-selling original Keeper’s Mix supplement - developed to provide the same whole-body benefits and ideal...
Dorwest Paw & Nose Balm
An ultra-nourishing balm to soften and soothe crusty noses and sore cracked pads It has no added fragrance from essential oils so is perfect to use on dogs highly sensitive noses. Calendula is gently infused in sunflower oil which helps...
Dorwest Tree Barks Powder 100g
Naturally aids digestion to support pets who suffer with diarrhoea and intestinal disorders Upset tummies, poor digestion and diarrhoea are all common complaints that can be non-specific and may recur, which can be unpleasant for you and your pet. Dorwest...
Keepers Mix Sensitive 500g
Which dogs can benefit from Keeper’s Mix Sensitive? Keeper’s Mix Sensitive is perfect to provide an all-round boost for young cats and dogs, or those that have known sensitivities, such as a proneness to gut upsets or a delicate palate....
Flea Protect Natural Spot On Herbal Dog
Herbal Dog Co’s Natural Spot On is a safe & natural spot on product that is applied weekly to the back of the dog’s neck. It is made from ingredients which are natural such as quassia bark, neem leaf &...
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Dorwest Omega Star Oil 500ml
A naturally balanced blend of Omega Oils containing superior natural ingredients.   UK grown cold pressed Flax Seed Oil provides high levels of Omega 3 & 6 oils . These are important in regulating skin renewal, keeping scurfiness under control and...
Dorwest Green Releaf Tablets 100
Natural support for your pet`s skin, joints and urinary system - with soothing, cleansing and pH balancing properties With a powerful combination of specially selected whole green plants, Dorwest Green Releaf® Tablets have natural soothing, cleansing and pH balancing properties....
Dorwest Scent & Shine Shampoo 250ml
Naturally hydrating and soothing for unbeatable shine, ideal for all skin types The newest addition to Dorwest's natural shampoo range, Scent & Shine Shampoo enhances shine while leaving behind a beautiful, uplifting scent which we know you and your dog...
Dorwest Soothe & Calm Shampoo
A naturally soothing, moisturising and calming shampoo, ideal for sensitive skin Specially formulated for sensitive skin, this nourishing, natural shampoo for dogs and cats helps to restore, moisturise and rebalance. It combines the soothing and hydrating powers of oatmeal, aloe...
Herba Calm Herbal Dog Co
Herbal Dog Co’s HerbaCalm Natural Tranquillity Drops may aid to maintain & support calm in reactive dogs. With less stress related barking & acting out behaviour from your pet, you will soon feel better too! Whether your dog is just...
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Plaque Protect Herbal Dog Co
Bad breath is the worst. Do you have a dog that hates having their teeth brushed!? Then this one is for you. A fresh mix of Seaweeds, Marjoram & Fennel Seed supports gum health while helping to reduce tartar build...
Baby Powder Puppy Cologne Herbal Dog Co
Why does Baby Powder smell so clean & fresh? Maybe it is because we associate it with cleanliness from an early age in childhood. You & your dog can now benefit from this pure and pleasant aroma of Baby Powder,...
Coconut Dry Shampoo Herbal Dog Co
For a quick & easy way to remove dirt & grime from your dog’s coat, Herbal Dog Co's Coconut Dry Shampoo offers a perfect grooming option to keep your furry friend feeling fresh & fragrant in between baths. Simply shake...
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Itchy Wash Bar 135g
This is a wonderfully aromatic organic wash bar designed, for mild and effective cleansing of dogs with itchy and/or sensitive skin. Made from a blend of the finest natural ingredients and organic essential oils and free from artificial chemicals and...
Multivitamin Herbal Dog Co
Our multivitamin is a nutrient rich food supplement carefully formulated to support general health & wellbeing in dogs. By adding Herbal Dog Co’s multivitamin to their food every day, you will be supporting a wide range of health benefits for...
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Dermadog Tick Pick Remover x3
Dermadog Tick Pick provides a safe and easy way to remove ticks from your pets – and also you! Tick Pick comes in three handy sizes, which can be washed and reused again and again.We’ve packaged our Tick Picks in a simple paper...
Dorwest Scullcap & Valerian Tablets 100
Naturally reduce your pet’s stress or anxiety with no drowsiness Dorwest know it can be stressful to experience and manage your pet`s anxiety but we`re here to help, every step of the way. Dorwest Scullcap & Valerian Tablets help to naturally...
Raspberry & Vanilla Shampoo Herbal Dog C
Herbal Dog Co's juicy Raspberry & Vanilla Natural Shampoo is packed with tangy notes of fresh berries with a vanilla base that is sure to have you & your favourite pup drooling, without being too overpowering, or unpleasant for your...
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Glossy Shampoo 300ml
Dermadog Glossy Shampoo Made from an SLS FREE base and containing only pure essential oils (no artificial fragrances), Glossy liquid shampoo is bottled in beautiful, amber glass bottles complete with a dispensing pump*. Contains pure essential oils of rosemary, lavender...
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Itchy Shampoo 300ml
Dermadog Itchy Shampoo Made from an SLS FREE base and containing only pure essential oils (no artificial fragrances), Itchy liquid shampoo is bottled in beautiful, amber glass bottles. A generous size at 300ml, our sturdy bottles can be refilled from...
Nose Lotion Herbal Dog Co
Nourishes, Moisturises, Heals, Repairs & Restores Dry, Cracked & Damaged Noses. Do you own a bulldog, pug or flat faced Breed or a pup with a sensitive or irritated dry nose? Whatever dog you own, our nose lotion is here...
Cherry Drop Dry Shampoo Herbal Dog Co
Quick & easy, perfect for in between grooms or after a muddy walk. Can be used on wet or dry fur. A life saver for when you just don’t have time for a full bath. Perfect for dogs with allergies,...
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