Raw Feeding Calculator

Dogs require different amounts of raw food throughout their life based on their body weight and age. Use the raw food calculator below to work out your dogs approximate daily allowance.

Remember all dogs are different and this is just a guide, increase/decrease your dog’s allowance to suit their needs at your own discretion or send us an email should you require further help.

Adults 2.5-3% of body weight
Working Dogs May require upto 6% of body weight on a heavy days work
Senior And Less Active Dogs 2% of body weight
Puppies 8% of body weight gradually reducing to 2.5-3% when fully grown
Puppies Weaning-7 Weeks: 9-10%
8-16 Weeks (2-4 Months): 7-8%
16-20 Weeks (4-5 Months): 6-7%
20-24 Weeks (5-6 Months): 5-6%
24-36 Weeks (6-9 Months): 4-5%
36-56 Weeks (9-14 Months): 3-4%
56-72 Weeks (14-18 Months): 2.5-3%
18 Months+: 2.5%

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