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Nutriwolds Wet Food Multipack 6 x 400g

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Wet Food
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A multipack including 3x Nutriwolds Brilliant Beef & 3x Bold Chicken, 400g Tins.


Nutriwolds are incredibly proud to offer the first balanced and complete (to FEDIAF) tinned food in the world made without synthetic premixes (artificial or naturally derived vitamins, minerals, or preservatives).

Tins are a convenient way to feed our pets, but they are often full of fillers that simply look like meat (and let’s face it, especially with cats, how often do yours just lick off the gravy/jelly?!). Our tinned meals are lovingly made with 100% truly natural ingredients, they also offer tantalising textures and are busting with flavour.

Made with sustainably and ethically sourced all Organic meat and offal, they are packed with fresh botanical superfoods for our precious pets’ nutritional needs.

Our multipacks include x3 Bold Chicken and x3 Brilliant Beef


Nutriwolds are the only pet food company to list everything in detail that goes into our food, we believe this level of transparency is important.

Organic Beef 63% (Lean Fresh Organic Beef Muscle 26.2%, Organic Fresh Beef Heart 22.2%, Organic Fresh Beef Fat 7.7%, Organic Fresh Beef Liver 5.9%, Beef Bone 1%), Water 18%, Organic Broccoli 3.9%, Organic Pumpkin 3.9%, Organic Beetroot Juice 2%, Organic Hempseed 2% (Pressed 1.2% Peeled 0.8%), Organic Berries 1.952% (Redcurrants, Blackcurrants, Blueberries, Blackberries & Raspberries), Organic Hemp Nut Oil 1.5%, Organic Ground Ginger 1.08%, Organic Dried Thyme 0.9%, Organic Spirulina 0.7%, Lime Algae 0.6%, Cod Liver Oil 0.5%, Agar-Agar 0.3%, Sea salt 0.05%, Organic Wheatgrass 0.04%, Organic Seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) 0.032%.


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