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Leo & Wolf BARF Complete is a natural, balanced and species-appropriate all-round care for your dog. The special additive mixture with herbs provides your dog with the necessary nutrients he needs daily for a vital and happy dog life.

  • Natural and species-appropriate all-round care
  • High quality raw feeding special mixture
  • Rich in minerals and vitamins

Leo & Wolf BARF Complete for Dogs consists of 100 % natural raw materials such as marine algae lime, malt sprouts, brewer's yeast, seaweed flour, linseed flour, eggshell powder, moringa as well as a herbal mixture with milk thistle fruits, nettle leaves, blackberry leaves, camomile and dandelion root and is ideally suited as a raw feeding additive.

A great deal of knowledge is required from the owners, especially with regard to raw feeding. This type of feeding is mainly limited to raw meat, offal, bones and fish, which are supplemented with fresh fruit and vegetables. If there is insufficient knowledge about the dog's requirements, there is a risk of malnutrition. Leo & Wolf BARF Complete is a well-balanced special additive mixture of valuable natural substances that supports the vitamin and mineral balance of your favourite – natural and appropriate to the species.

Due to the selected composition of the complementary feed, the mixture is suitable for both older and young dogs from the age of 9 months old.

The easily dosed fine granules can simply be mixed into the daily food. Due to the incomparable taste of fresh herbs this product is extremely palatable.

Our Leo & Wolf products are developed in close cooperation with veterinary practitioner, nutrition experts and veterinarians to support the healthy development of your pet.


Ground herb mixture (nettle leaves, blackberry leaves, camomile, dandelion root, milk thistle fruit), ground brewer's yeast, linseed cake flour, ground seaweed lime, ground eggshell powder, moringa powder*, seaweed flour

(*from organic farming)

Analytical components:

Crude ash 18,2%, crude fibre 7,0%, crude protein 27,5%, crude fat 4,7%

Vitamins per kg:

Vitamin A (retinol) 300 µg, vitamin C 20mg, vitamin B1 22mg, vitamin B2 10mg, vitamin B6 16 mg, vitamin B12 7 µg, niacin 118 mg, biotin 436 µg, pantothenic acid 13 mg, folic acid 2.05 mg, vitamin D3 7.5µg, vitamin E 23 mg

Minerals per kg:
Sodium 1800 mg, potassium 16500 mg, magnesium 4800 mg, calcium 45600 mg, phosphorus 7600 mg, sulfur 4200 mg

Trace elements per kg:

Copper 8.78 mg, iron 614 mg, zinc 37.5 mg, manganese 45.6 mg, iodine 28.4 mg, chrome 2.48 mg, selenium 0.36 mg

Feeding recommendation:

Up to 5 kg: 2 g daily

5 – 15 kg: 4 g daily

15 – 30 kg: 6 g daily

From 30 kg: 8 g daily

(1 measuring spoon equals approx. 2 g)

Simply mix into the daily feed.


Store cool, dry & protected from light.

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