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Rawest Turkey 80:10:10 500g

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Striped back with no added extras our new 80/10/10 single proteins have been developed using the same NutriWolds top quality and ethically sourced great tasting ingredients.

We have used Farmer Assured quality cuts of Turkey meat, offal and bones.

This fantastic flavour is perfect for elimination diets.

Initially available in Chunky 500g and 1kg

As with all our Rawest Range please feed as part of a varied diet for full balance (for fully balanced and complete see our Herby Turkey).

All ethically and sustainably sourced and loving made at NutriWolds HQ.

Below is a list of common common nutrient deficiencies with whole prey and 80/10/10 completes

● Zinc
● Magnesium
● Manganese
● Iodine
● Vitamin E
● Vitamin D
● Omega-3s

All ingredients are Human Grade, certified Farmer Assured meat. 100% Turkey made up of 80% lean muscle meat (Breast, Gizzard, Thigh skin on, and 10% Heart), 10% Turkey Livers and 10% Turkey Backs (Bone).

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