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Ethically Raised Beef Liver Treats 200g

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Ethically Raised
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Better for your dog and the planet. Our Air Dried Beef Liver Treats are made using only regeneratively sourced British Beef from animals that are 100% grass-fed.

Liver is a Nutrient Dense Superfood for dogs and cats that is packed full of essential vitamins and minerals.

  • Great to training and recall

  • Made from  finest quality liver on the market

  • Meat from regenerative farms that help  regenerate soils and sequester carbon

  • Free from bacteria and has been lab tested

  • One of the healthiest treats you can give your dog or cat

Ethically Raised is the first and only raw dog food company certified by A Greener World and Pasture for Life.

  • Biologically appropriate

  • Highest Animal Welfare Certified 

  • 100% British AGW Beef Liver  

  • Ultra low carbon

  • Beyond organic

  • Beyond sustainable

  • No Preservatives, Grains or any added ingredients
  • Suitable for Puppies & Kittens over 12 weeks old.
  • High Rewarding Training Treat
  • High Protein & Low Fat 


Grass Fed Beef: Liver

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